Continuity of care will save time and mistakes!

Since working back on the wards it has come to my attention that there is a huge amount of information that is duplicated as mentioned in my previous post.

This information is of great importance in the continued care of patients especially when there is a quick turnover and they move on to other areas and departments and do not return to the original clinical area. At times it is difficult to actually complete the information needed and can become disparate and lacking content.

If the information that has already been collected was available in a format that allowed a clinician to check it is correct rather than recording it again then this will save time and prevent duplication or even misinterpretation caused by repetitive actions.

I have seen on a number of occasions assessment booklets completed when there is already an existing record and on comparison the information recorded is somewhat different. This is due to the busy nature of certain clinical areas and the state of the paper clinical notes which is presented in a messy and cluttered way to an already busy individual who is trying to disseminate the information to provide care to a patient.

Is this a process issue or a lack in organisation at a number of levels as the patient is moved from A&E into an assessment areas then onto a ward whilst being taken to other departments for examinations/investigations as well.

The five year forward view comments on the spending on health-related IT growing rapidly which is a step in the right direction but is it at a level that will sustain growth in those areas that matter and will the focus be on patient centred capability instead of financial and administrative areas?


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