A brave new world!

To all of you who know me I am someone who takes matters of healthcare very seriously especially when it comes to patient/clinical safety, to those of you who don’t then welcome and I hope this blog gives you some insight into my experiences over the past 26 years both as a healthcare professional and a member of the general public who has an interest in how healthcare is delivered and how we can improve through healthcare IT solutions, common sense (if it prevails!) and listening/communicating with our friends and colleagues.

I won’t go into my background too much, please read my profile page to find out more, I have been a practicing clinician for the past 26 years in which time I qualified as a nurse, am Orthopaedic trained (RNOH, Stanmore), have held many roles including ward manager, care pathway facilitator and admission coordinator for elective surgery all in a busy acute hospital trust. For the past 11 years I worked for a leading healthcare IT supplier as Clinical Safety Officer and an integral part of the product team advising on product requirements and design, UI/UX requirements, clinical content and on site customer support.

Recently I took the brave step to go it alone and am an independent clinical safety officer using my experience to assist healthcare IT suppliers and health organisations alike in the endeavours to produce and implement safer IT solutions. I also practice nursing in the Surgical Assessment Unit and Trauma/Orthopaedic Ward at my local hospital.

I hope to engage people in discussion and give a first hand view of healthcare practice as it happens. Obviously, I will generalise my approach being conscious of my obligation to my patients, colleagues and the NMC. So sit back, relax and enjoy the instalments that will follow and please contribute to the discussion.

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2 comments on “A brave new world!

Emma Wylie

Good luck with your new adventure Dean. Having worked with you in the past, I am sure you will be a success. Your knowledge, experience and passion for a safer healthcare community will be an asset for patients and potential clients alike.

Dean M

Hi Emma, apologies for the really late response to your comment, it’s been a crazy yet successful year. Hope you are well and that New Zealand is treating you well!


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